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I love to create hips; hips are beautiful, feminizing, and they completely change the shape of the body by creating the “Ogee line”. These days it is safe and easy to fill in those unwanted hip dips to create a smooth, curved line from your hips to your thigh. Everyday I am creating remarkable transformations with Ogee Lipo® and BBL, revealing the unique underlying beauty of each patient’s body.

Patients who want to fill in their hips and are considering a BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift) frequently ask me if they can simply fill their hip dips, or if they also need a BBL. The simple answer is that if you want dazzling natural hips that match with your body you will need to have the whole area treated, because hips don’t live in isolation. My body contouring procedures help smooth out the curvature of your hips and give you that nice streamlined Ogee shape.

“Hip dips” refer to indentations or an inward curve on the sides of the body, right below your hipbone and above the thigh. For many women hip dips make them feel self-conscious, which is why fat grafting and the breakthrough of Brazilian butt lifts (BBL) is one of the most popular and effective options for achieving a shapelier and fuller figure.

The cosmetic procedure of fat grafting-where fat is harvested and then injected into the hip dip- serves to fill in the area and continue the round curvature from the buttocks to the hips. To get that perfect full hip and the prettiest shape—the Ogee—you will need hips; and to have hips, you have to have a BBL. It is hard to separate the buttocks from the hips, and the convex part of the Ogee comes from having hips.

As with any lipo sculpting procedures to get a nice smooth result where everything matches and blends together I have to treat the whole area. While balancing and smoothing out some areas and adding volume into the hip dip, I can achieve that perfectly smooth ogee curve. For optimal results, I like to blend and contour the trunk of your body as a whole: fat placement starts near the center or midpoint of the buttock, and then out towards the hip, injecting and blending carefully into the back and side of the leg. With zero sharp transitions or step-off points, the results are a contoured smooth, and natural look.

Patients also ask about the safety of this procedure. One of the benefits of BBL is that it offers safe and natural butt augmentation because we are using your own fat to shape your butt and not an implant. Since the injected fat comes directly from your own body, there’s no risk of you rejecting the fat. In addition, the hip and leg areas are a very safe place to inject fat, as this area does not have large veins. When these procedures are performed by an experienced, certified plastic surgeon you know you are in good hands.

One of the most beautiful attributes of the female form is the balance of shapes and curves and with Ogee Lipo® and BBL I can remove fat, blend, balance, and improve the well-formed contour of your body. When you change the shape of your body it can change the shape of your mind! Enhancing your body shape with natural results will not only boost your derrière but also your self-confidence while fostering a positive body image. Are you ready to make a big splash this summer? You’ll just love the way this works.

Dr. William Miami

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