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Dr. William

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

“I am thankful and sincerely grateful for the many happy faces that have trusted me and given me the opportunity to be their surgeon. I am truly touched by the love and through all of these happy faces you can see mine is happy too. Thank you.”

Being a plastic surgeon has afforded me the opportunity to touch so many lives. I spent ten years after medical school in surgical residency training; the first seven years to become a general surgeon, and the last three years specializing in plastic surgery at Duke University. After this decade of learning to be a surgeon I was anxious to practice and treat my own patients. I spent the early part of my career performing both reconstructive and cosmetic surgery. I performed a lot of reconstructive surgery as I treated all types of patients; some had lost their breasts to breast cancer, others suffered horrible injuries from car accidents, dog attacks, and assaults or had been ravaged by the effects of cancer. When you begin as a plastic surgeon you practice based on the way you were taught, but as time passes and you gain more experience you begin to find your own style and your own focus. My ten years of training and vast reconstructive experience in my early years have led me to where I am today. I now only specialize in cosmetic surgery of the breast and body. Not only has this made me a better cosmetic surgeon, but it has given me the opportunity to share this experience in a way that allows me to touch so many more lives and continue to reap the enjoyment and overwhelming fulfillment of being a plastic surgeon.

Cosmetic Surgery


As a board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. William has chosen to narrow and focus his practice specifically on cosmetic surgery of the breast and body. This sub-specialization led him to perform fewer types of operations which has enabled him to master those procedures. “I would rather perform fewer types of operations, but focus my attention solely on those operations of the breast and body, and what I have found by specializing is that I can get the very best results possible for my patients.”

Ogee Lipo®

Dr. William has a unique approach to liposuction and BBLs; instead of just removing fat or making the butt larger, Dr. William follows his mantra of “It’s all about the shape.” This has led Dr. William to develop his own style of liposuction, which he calls ‘OGEE Lipo®’, where he applies the principles of architecture and nature to reveal each patient’s OGEE Line—the beautiful shape of concavities and convexities to develop pretty, natural butts with a round shape and voluptuous hips.

Family & Hobbies


While Dr. William previously spent much of his time active in the local lacrosse scene coaching his sons, he and his wife recently became empty nesters. Now, with both sons playing lacrosse at the collegiate level, the couple enjoys taking their German Shepherd, Muck, for walks and fetch at the field where his sons used to practice, cooking, watching the Miami City Ballet, and enjoying a Florida Panthers game.



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