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Frequently asked questions and tips on preparing for surgery, your procedure and post op care.

Does a Breast Reduction Include a Lift?

A breast reduction is a lift. It just so happens that in the case of a reduction your breasts are also made smaller when the lift is performed. With almost every breast reduction I also suggest adding two areas of liposuction on the lateral chest so you are not left with unwanted fat on that area lateral to your breast leading to your back. That is a frequent complaint of patients having a breast reduction because as the breast is made smaller and lifted all of a sudden patients will see fat that was there before surgery but just wasn’t appreciated. This can all be avoided with liposuction performed at the time of a breast reduction. Think of the breast surgery in this way:  a BREAST LIFT (or mastopexy) is just a lift and your breast volume stays about the SAME–this is for people that just want to lift their breasts, but don’t want them any bigger or smaller. A breast reduction is a lift and the breast is made smaller simultaneously for those patients who want their breasts smaller. A Breast Lift with Implants is for patients who need a lift but would also like their breasts to be larger.

What is a gummy bear implant?

It is the latest silicone implant which we call highly cohesive because the silicone gel is very, very sticky and keeps its shape.

What type of breast implants do you prefer and why?

Eighty-five percent of patients undergoing breast augmentation in the United States choose silicone/gel implants, and it’s my preferred implant for a few reasons:

  • Silicone feels more natural
  • Less rippling
  • Saline can be harder on the breast tissue
  • Silicone and saline are equally as safe – while you’ll read silicone is less safe on the internet, it is not true.

Both silicone and saline implants have the same outside shell –made of silicone – but the filling is different. Obviously, saline is full of saline water, and the silicone is highly cohesive silicone gel, also giving them the name gummy bear implants.

Can you do a BBL under local anesthetic?

Technically yes you can but I don’t. I only perform BBLs under a general anesthetic, because I am very thorough with my liposuction, and get the deep fat and that fat is too hard to numb with only a local anesthetic. I don’t think the results with local anesthetic are as good as with a general anesthetic.

Where does the fat go that doesn’t survive after a BBL?

Fat cells will smoosh with pressure, and your body will break them down. As the fat cells die, they release the oil within, and the body’s immune system scavenges that fat. As the immune system gobbles up the oil, white blood cells deliver it to different parts of the body, like the liver, kidneys, and even the blood system, where it is disposed of and excreted.

Do you use J-plasma?

I do not. I don’t like any liposuction method that uses any heat or thermal energy because I think that it heats the deep dermis and upper fat too much and produces more scarring and fibrosis than traditional liposuction. So I don’t use VASER, ultrasound, JPlasma or smartlipo.

How many massages do you recommend after liposuction?

I recommend at least 10 massages by a person who is specialized in postoperative massage. The more the better. But don’t overlook the power of TOUCH which is super, super important. It is not massage but just a simple touch and should be started on the day of surgery and continued for the first 6 weeks. This can be done by yourself and is best done with light touch and firm touch by you or your partner.

What is a TT10?

This is a Tummy Tuck with 10 areas of liposuction. There are 12 Areas to a body for liposuction so Lipo 360 is the same a Lipo 12. But when I do a Tummy Tuck I only do 10 areas of Lipo because 2 of the areas are removed with the tummy tuck. So Lipo360 with a tummy tuck is called a TT10.

Why do you call it Ogee lipo®?⁠

That answer is longer than I can type here. Best to watch my videos on #ogeelipo® but it is from an architectural line that has been around for centuries. ⁠

Can I get a scar revision from a tummy tuck?

Not usually because all of the excess skin is gone and removing more skin will make the scar spread even more. Best to use laser treatment to lighten the scar.

I have a keloid--will I get another?

It is hard to say. Keloids for breast surgery are very, very uncommon. But, if you are having surgery on your shoulder for example then it is super likely you will get another keloid. So it really depends on the skin tension and the are of the body where you are having more surgery.

What is the difference between silicone and gel?

Nothing! They are the same implants.

What is a tuberous breast?

It refers to the shape of the breast which is usually narrow and triangular shape with wide cleavage and some droop along with a large areola.

How does it happen?

We don’t know why but it happens when the breast develops and a constructive ring forms and prevents the breast from getting a round shape.

Can you fix a tuberous breast?

Yes. One of my favorite operations because you can change a triangular breast into a round breast with a much smaller areola.

Can I get a narrow waist with Lipo?

Yes you can but there are limits. I can get you the smallest waist that your body has–I can tell you how small your waist is when I examine you before surgery. Some patients get a waist that is so small while others naturally have a bigger waist and Lipo can only remove the fat and not change your inside body.

What is internal fat?

That is fat inside your body that I cannot remove with liposuction or a tummy tuck because it is inside and I can only remove fat outside your abdominal muscles.

About Me

Are You Board Certified?

Yes. I am certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery⁠.

Are all doctors board certified?

No! It is really hard to be board certified. You have to go to a plastic surgery program–I went to Duke University–that is approved by the board, pass a written examine, and then take a 2 day Oral examination where the examiners look at all of the cases you have done for the past year and ask questions about them and give you new patients to view and ask questions about those.⁠

Why did you go into plastic surgery?

I decided to pursue medicine because my father was diagnosed with cancer. It prompted me to switch from engineering to a career in medicine. It’s a decision I’m still grateful for today.

When I first started applying to medical schools, I intended on becoming an oncologist and focusing on cancer research. I spent several years doing research, and I really enjoyed it. Then, once in medical school at Schulich School of Medicine at The University of Western Ontario, I learned I had a true passion for surgery while doing rotations. Oncology was near to my heart, but I felt that my calling was taking me in a different direction – one that could bring me as much fulfillment as a career devoted to cancer and cancer research.

How long have you been a plastic surgeon?⁠

I started medical school in 1993 and finished my medical school, general surgery residency in 2004 and my plastic surgery residency in 2007 so going on 13 years of only practicing plastic surgery and 23 years as a doctor.⁠

What procedures do you perform?⁠

I specialize in Breast and Body only. So I do all types of breast surgery including breast augmentation, breast lifts, breast lifts with implants, breast reduction and correction of problems associated with implants. I also do Tummy Tucks, Lipo (ogeelipo) and BBLs (Round 1 and Round 2 BBL)⁠

What is your favorite procedure?⁠

I really love doing challenging cases the most because as you get older and more experienced the challenge of fixing something or creating something that is more difficult becomes more fun. When you are young and don’t have the experience it is terrifying!⁠

Which do you do more of Round 1 or Round 2 BBLs?⁠

I probably do about 60/40 1/2 BBLs. Over the years I have done more and more Round 2’s as I think the movement of a more round look has caught on rather than just a snatched waist and big butt.