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For patients who are happy with their size and don’t want added volume then a breast lift is performed on its own without using an implant. This is not as common an operation as a breast lift with implants as most patients experience a loss of volume of their breasts as they develop droop. But for those patients who have maintained their volume but have experienced droop than a lift is all that is needed. It is the same incision pattern and operation as a breast lift with an implant but the patient’s own volume is used in place of the implant to give fullness to the breast, reposition the nipple to its correct location and reduce the areola. Patients end up with a prettier shape to their breasts with a smaller areolae and the nipple rested to the right location.

What To Expect

The recovery from a breast lift is six weeks but patients typically return to work in under a week and resume all activities at six weeks. Patients are still required to wear and bra and will not be as perky as a patient who just underwent an augmentation who never had experienced droop but the changes after a lift allow patients to wear a bra and gain more fullness to the upper part of their breast, better cleavage and a rounder, full breast that feels better on a patients chest.



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I don’t have words to describe Dr. William, he did such an amazing good job on my breast lift with augmentation . My scars are healing really nicely I’m so happy with the size he choose for me and the results. I’m just a week post op and I’m loving it I feel so much confident thanks to him.

Kamila (Realself Reviews)Patient

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