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Autologous Gluteal Fat transfer, or a Brazilian Butt Lift, BBL, as it is commonly referred, is an extremely rewarding procedure for both the patient and the surgeon. The reason it is so satisfying, and the results so dramatic, is because it relies on the simple, yet powerful principles of addition and subtraction.


The principle of subtraction is applied by performing extensive, thorough liposuction of the whole trunk removing fatty deposits from the bra area, complete back, flanks, waist and abdomen following Dr. William’s principle of ‘Ogee Lipo’. This subtraction, or removal of fat, creates thin, well defined waists, enhances the natural curves of the body and immediately gives the appearance of a more curvy, voluptuous and sexier frame. This step in and of itself creates a beautiful result, but it is magnified and enhanced by the power of addition: addition of fat.


The fat removed by Ogee Lipo is transferred into the gluteal area and hips to complement the liposuction, and change the shape of the buttocks by rounding the buttocks, and adding volume and increasing projection along with beautiful, full, voluptuous hips that seamlessly and naturally blend with the leg. When subtraction and addition are combined with the concept of the Ogee line the result is not just a bigger butt, but an entirely different shape. A pretty shape. A natural shape. A gorgeous shape with a small waist, flat tummy and a full, beautiful round buttock with hips to match.

What to Expect

A Brazilian Butt Lift results in a dramatic change to not just your buttocks but to your whole body. The recovery is very similar to that from liposuction with one important distinction: there is no sitting on your gluteal area or laying on your hips for at least two weeks following surgery. You will remain in the Faja for three months following surgery, the first six weeks wearing it around the clock and begin massages the first day after surgery. We recommend a minimum of ten lymphatic massages following your surgery and to continue with your own massages for a full year. Any type of device that helps to massage and soften the skin and underlying tissue is encouraged to be used for a full year following surgery. Not all of the fat transferred to your gluteal area and hips will survive so you will notice a decrease in the size of your buttocks from the initial days but your waist and back and all of the areas that were treated with liposuction will also get smaller so your overall shape will remain. After two weeks all of the fat that has survived will remain as it is permanent. Patients having a BBL are encouraged to exercise and resume all of their activities including exercise as soon as they feel well enough to do so.



Actual Patient



Actual Patient



Actual Patient

Dr.William let me start this off by thanking you so much so pulling through with these amazing results. A lot of us woman work hard and long for these surgeries and for you to actually speak on what you're able to do and actually deliver the results speaks a lot about your work.

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Round Two BBL

Dr. William will perform what is commonly referred to as a “Round 2 BBL” only 12 months after your first BBL in those patients who are unhappy with their first BBL. This is not commonly performed on patients who have undergone a BBL with Dr. William, but rather on those patients who had BBLs performed by other surgeons. Usually Round 2 BBLs are performed not because an error or mistake was committed by another surgeon, but because the initial BBL was performed with a different goal in mind. This is why Dr. William always recommends patients find a surgeon who share their surgeons ‘eye’. “There are many excellent surgeons in the community who perform BBLs, but each surgeon has a different ‘eye’, creates a different shape with different points of maximal projection and differences in the amount of fat grafted to the hips. For my ‘eye’ I like a very voluptuous look and that’s why I developed the concept of Ogee Lipo where the liposuction begins high in the back to establish the Ogee line and then I add fat to the hips and legs to match the fat I place in the buttock. I like a very round look to the buttock with a full hip that all blends together. I don’t like a ‘shelf’ or ‘ledge’ look to the buttock, but I create a more natural appearance to the gluteal are that is still full, round and pretty with hips that match and blended into the legs”. “Most commonly my Round 2 BBLs are changing a patient from a square to round look”, says Dr. William.

Wish Pictures

Dr. William recognizes patients like to show ‘wish pics’ of other patients who have undergone a BBL, or photoshop their own photos to show how they would like to look after surgery. “I understand it is a leap of faith to undergo surgery without knowing how you are going to look after the surgery. However, I can never make a patient look like any other person, nor recreate a photo with liposuction that was done in photoshop. Therein lies the difficulty. What I tell patients is to find a surgeon who already does the look you like. How do you do this? Look at a surgeon’s before and after photos. However, don’t look at the before and afters to find the one you would like to look like, or look to find a patient who you think looks like you, but rather look at the surgeon’s style and see their ‘eye’. If you find a surgeon who consistently has a look you like then that is your surgeon; trust them to do that same look for your body. You won’t look like any of the other patients in the photo gallery, but you will look like yourself with that surgeon’s style. I recognize that not everyone will like my style just as not everyone enjoys the same food, appreciates the same art, or is attracted to the same partner. That’s ok. We are all different. Find the surgeon who shares your same ‘eye’ and you will get the best results for your body.

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