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Liposuction is the most powerful tool available to plastic surgeons and is the most commonly performed cosmetic procedure in the United States, and has been performed for decades with safe, and outstanding results. Liposuction is not a tool for weight loss, but rather an incredibly powerful technique which can permanently change the shape of your body.

Ogee Lipo®

The most important development in my career has been Ogee Lipo®. The development of this technique has completely changed how I perform liposuction. Rather than simply using liposuction to remove fat and improve the contour of the body, the brand of Ogee Lipo® has led me to create beautiful curves and shapes which reveal the underlying beauty of each patient’s body. The results have been dramatic and everyday I witness these remarkable transformations by unleashing the power of Ogee lipo®.

What to Expect

A dramatic change is in store with Ogee Lipo®. Ogee Lipo® begins high in the back and removes fat in the back, flanks, waist, and abdomen to create a balance of concavities and convexities that reveal the beauty of the female form. Gone are the days of a ‘snatched waist’—they are replaced with a more natural shape where fat is evenly removed from all areas of the torso to blend and contour the whole trunk. Patients will be very ‘leaky’ for the first forty-eight hours following surgery as the patient’s own fluid along with some tumescent fluid exit the body. A faja is worn continuously during this period to limit swelling and provide compression and comfort. Patients will experience a peak of swelling on their third day, but the overall swelling will last a whole year although it gets significantly better at three weeks, three months right up to a year as the results continue to improve and the skin has a chance to re-drape and become softer. Patients typically feel ‘lumpy, bumpy and numb’ during this early period. Lymphatic massages are very important to remove fluid and aid in recovery. Massages are started on the day following surgery and continued everyday for the first ten days as a minimum. The faja is recommended to be worn for 3 months: 24/7 for the first six weeks, and then for 12 hours a day the second 6 weeks. Fajas should be tailored during the recovery period as your body shrinks in order to keep the Faja snug yet comfortable.



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Dr. William did an amazing job with me. I can say that he transformed my body and my life. I did a deep search of the different plastic surgeons in the Miami area and found an impeccable record in what I expected for my service. It made me feel like family and secure while I was in the waiting room for my surgery and after.

Merlyn (Realself Reviews)Patient

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