It’s ALL about the shape

Dr William says “There is no other procedure that can change your appearance so dramatically in one hour”. It’s true. Breast augmentation has been shown in study after study to improve patient’s confidence and self esteem, and is one of the most satisfying procedures in medicine second only to Lasic eye surgery. Dr William follows his mantra of “It’s all about the shape” to chose an implant, and implant location to create the very best breast for each patient.

What To Expect

Dr William uses mostly high profile, silicone, gummy bear implants, placed through an incision under the breast, because for his eye this gives patients the fullest, perkiest and most beautiful breasts. All of his surgeries are performed under a general anesthetic on an outpatient basis. Patients can expect to stay in the post-surgical bra for 6 weeks, return to work in 3-4 days and resume all normal activity including working-out and heavy lifting in four weeks. The breasts continue to heal, and the implants settle to their final position over twelve months, however most patients are bikini ready in four weeks after surgery. Pain is very manageable and most patients are off pain medications two days after surgery. Sensation to the nipples and areolae are usually not affected in the longterm but can go through periods of hyper or hypo-sensitivity during the first six months.



Actual Patient



Actual Patient

The best doctor. I had breast augmentation and they look so real and natural. Would recommend him to everyone who's looking for an amazing service. He’s very passionate about what he does and I loved it.

Maria, MiamiPatient

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