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All surgeries are gratifying to perform as changing a patient’s life and increasing one’s self esteem is remarkable; a breast reduction may hold a special place on this list. Patient’s who seek a breast reduction usually have been burdened by their breasts for quite some time and experience neck and back pain, shoulder grooving, difficulty fitting bras, a hard time wearing clothes and being as active as they would like. Furthermore they may be embarrassed by the size of their breasts and live a life of trying to conceal their breasts. For these reasons patients who undergo a breast reduction are some of the happiest of all plastic surgery patients. Dr. William takes great pride in performing a breast reduction where the breast is lifted and made smaller at the same time. In fact, a breast reduction is really just a breast lift during which the breast is also made smaller.

What To Expect

By removing breast fat and tissue, the breasts are shaped into a rounder and prettier shape with the nipple elevated and the areolae reduced. The end result is a prettier breast with an improvement in all of the symptoms including neck and back strain and a restoration of self-esteem. However, this is primarily a functional operation whereby a patient’s breasts are returned to a size more fitting of their body and patient’s should not expect to look as if they have had a breast augmentation. The recovery from a breast reduction is relatively painless despite its larger incision pattern than other breast surgeries. Normal activities, (except exercise), and a return to work can typically be resumed in a week. Patients are required to wear their post-surgical bra for six weeks following surgery after which they may return to full exercise. Patients typically have normal sensation or sometimes an improvement in their nipple sensation and can still breast feed.



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It was a great experience. I had breast reduction and after the surgery I felt happy that he did a good job and the treatment I received. I would definitely recommend him. If I would decide to do another surgery I would prefer him to execute the job.

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