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One of my main goals is to educate patients because many times people have misconceptions that can lead to very poor decisions. Some women received breast implants and they were never a good candidate for breast augmentation to begin with. One of my mottos and my goals is to help you “Be your Best Self”, and this is why I am obsessed with removing certain breast implants.

Remember, breast augmentation patients are the most satisfied of all plastic surgery patients. Breast implants restore volume, fullness, and cleavage and help patients to look better, feel better, and be more confident about themselves and the way they look. In fact, I am still performing breast augmentation surgery nearly every day.

Are you a Good Candidate for Breast Augmentation?

Despite the incredibly high satisfaction rate of a breast augmentation or “implant”, at some point in the future women may require replacement of their breast implants. This procedure is called “Explantation”. The decision for explant surgery can arise either for cosmetic or medical reasons. However, the most common reason is that patients were either not good candidates or it wasn’t done to match their particular form.

Patients come to me asking for pretty, balanced, full breasts with a beautiful shape. That’s why I always say, “it’s all about the shape”. However, there are tremendous anatomical differences from patient to patient and not everyone is a good candidate. The best candidate for breast implants are patients with small narrow breasts; for these patients breast implants are wonderful! But not everyone has narrow breasts.

My patients with wide breasts who have previously had breast implants are unhappy and uncomfortable. Implants on these types of breasts will fall to the side or sink to the bottom of the breast and make the breast heavy and look droopy with a boxy shape. It is for these patients that I am now obsessed with performing surgery and removing the implants. There is simply no reason to be walking around uncomfortable or unhappy. Removing the old implants and performing a lift will give them a better shape than they ever had with an implant before.

Wondering if you are a good candidate for implant removal? Here’s a checklist:

  • You already have breast implants in place.
  • You are unhappy with the current shape, size, or appearance of your breasts with your implants. (They may be too big or small, asymmetrical, too high on the chest, or too far apart, droopy or painful). 
  • You have a rupture or a hardening of your implant that needs to be addressed. 

Many women are miserable and uncomfortable or simply unhappy with their breast implants and they stay that way for years. The reality is that breast implant surgery needs to be tailored to you –specifically and individually. Explant surgery for breast implant removal can be an appropriate choice for some women. If this is something you know that you want to pursue make sure to use a reputable board-certified plastic surgeon with specific expertise with this procedure. If the first breast implant surgery wasn’t done well then it’s time to remove those old implants and restore a nice round, perky shape with beautiful cleavage and fullness that feels right.

Dr. William Miami

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