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After a BBL, the butt and hips are usually pretty firm, and that’s a natural part of healing, but after about a month, people often start to get anxious about when things will begin to soften – my best advice… trust the process!

And – here are a few other tips also!

Dr. William Miami

So, the ideal gluteal area post-surgery is soft and fluffy because the fat cells can get bigger, but as mentioned, the process can’t be rushed. Certainly, the injected fat cells will expand, but it does take time.

Firmness will subside when the fat is in a good position, healed, and has a proper blood supply. However, inflammation, which causes that hardness, is an expected part of recovery and continues long into the healing process. While your body gets better, it’s important to eat a bit more fat, exercise and not compress the area more than necessary.

While your body reestablished a blood supply, the best thing you can do is treat the fat injected with kid gloves.

Start by feeding it with high-quality, naturally occurring fats like nuts, olive oil, and good, fatty fish. During this time, it’s ok to eat a bit more fat than you usually do; but make sure it’s healthy fat. By allowing this fat to have something to feed on, you’re helping it survive and thrive.

You’ll also want to exercise! It probably seems counter-productive since you’re being encouraged to eat a little more fat, but exercise ramps up the heart rate and circulation in your body, ultimately helping to promote the blood to flow more in the areas that have recently undergone the procedure.

Finally – you cannot quicken this process. Your body will eliminate the inflammation that causes tightness/firmness as it heals and recovers. If you increase compression to speed up the process – you will cause more issues — as too much compression around these delicate areas will decrease blood flow further. Please do not wear your Ogee Faja any tighter than what feels comfortably snug.

Most importantly, be patient! I have yet to meet a patient that has not softened!

Dr. William Miami

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