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It’s easy to get caught up in the popularity of the BBL and completely forget that there is a whole other category of women out there who actually want less – whether it’s a natural butt or even after surgery.

While there are certainly some women out there who have a lot of God-given butt projection, what I see most frequently are women who feel like they have too much projection post-BBL. Based on my experience, I think this can happen because too much fat is deposited in the butt without enough concentration or concern on other areas, like hips and thighs, that help make a BBL look really beautiful and natural.

You know how I feel – it’s all about the shape – and I find every patient’s unique shape by following the body’s Ogee Line – the natural curve created by connecting the body’s concaved and convexed lines.

That being said, I always focus on adding fat back into the trunk (not JUST the butt) in a way that adds volume and projection but does so in a way that highlights and compliments the waist, butt, hips and thighs. The goal is always to redeposit the fat back into the body in a way that looks natural but accentuated. I believe following the body’s Ogee Line always creates ideal results.

I have seen patients come in feeling like they have too much volume because there wasn’t enough fat added to the hips to fill the hip dip or to blend down into the thighs. In this case, the butt will have a lot of great volume, but it won’t necessarily match the rest of the patient’s body.

There are things I can do to help blend a better BBL, and those are certainly things we can discuss, but if you’re just looking for a smaller butt or liposuction of the butt, unfortunately, you’ll have to see a different doctor. It’s an area I’ve never really got into, but many other plastic surgeons are skilled in this type of procedure.

Dr. William Miami

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