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The “How to Prepare for Your BBL” series now has several parts, and I highly recommend reading through them all before starting your BBL journey. When considering the significance of preparation before a BBL, I can’t overstate the importance of making a plan and sticking to it, so if you’ve missed the first few blogs, please take a look back. 

As I’ve mentioned, there are many things to consider during the planning phase of the BBL, and next is what you need to purchase (and pack) and your stay. 


Preparing for surgery is paramount because your body goes through a lot during the procedure. You will be sore and medicated, so it’s ideal not just to make decisions beforehand but to be sure you’ve lined things up to make things easier on yourself and your caregiver during recovery.  

You will need several items before, during and after your surgery to make the first several weeks in recovery more manageable. Things like body wipes (to use in lieu of showering), dry shampoo, a few fajas and other devices will make all the difference. 

Compression Garment 

The Ogee Faja or a compression garment of your choice is an essential part of your recovery. 

After surgery, you will wake in your faja, and you’ll need to continue wearing it for 24 hours a day for the first three weeks of recovery. Considering the frequency of wear, I recommend purchasing two fajas, so you always have a second on hand while one is being laundered. It’s crucial to wear your faja as directed, so making sure you’re prepared with two perfectly fitting fajas is imperative before surgery. 

Though you’ll be in your faja 24 hours a day for your first three weeks and 12 hours a day your last three weeks, you’ll still want to make sure you’re stocked up on loose, comfortable-fitting clothes as well (including wearing them to your surgery). Your faja is a tight-fitting undergarment, so you’ll need to have comfortable, roomy clothing to put over the top. 

Dry Shampoo and Bathing Wipes

After your BBL, you will want to avoid bathing for several days. BBLs can be a messy surgery and recovery, so you need to go into your prep understanding that bleeding and drainage from your incisions is normal and expected. As one might expect, this natural process can be messy – that’s why it’s so important to make sure you’re stocked up on things like dry shampoo and body wipes. Items like this will be a reprieve for you during the first week or more of your recovery. 

Rolling Device

Massages are another key to excellent results, but that’s why I recommend purchasing a device called the LipoRoller or some other type of rolling device. It encourages drainage and reduces swelling, ultimately helping you avoid fibrosis (the build-up of scar tissue beneath your skin that can happen after liposuction) and accelerating the recovery process. Best of all, you can use it daily in the comfort of your own home.

Plan Your Stay

Another thing to consider is where you are going to stay post-procedure. If you’re a patient intending to fly into the area for your surgery, you’ll want to plan to stay in Miami for at least a week afterward. It’s such a vital time to ensure everything has gone as expected, and you’ll want to remain local to make your post-surgical appointments and start your daily massages. Also, travel can be particularly challenging for patients if they attempt to leave the area too soon following surgery. 

If you are from out-of-town, I highly recommend a recovery house. There are many to choose from in the area. The facilities provide a room and staff, but some also offer accommodations like transportation assistance, food services and various supplies. Despite where you decide to stay, you must be local for one week following your procedure. 

Doctor’s Orders: If you’re considering a BBL, please begin by focusing on the parts of your health that YOU can regulate and control. By flexing this knowledge and expertise in planning, you are taking the reins of your overall health and healing before, during and after surgery. 

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