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Any of my patients will tell you that I never sugarcoat anything about recovery. I always come in ready to prepare patients for the good, bad and ugly, even if I know it isn’t exactly what the person wants to hear. So, it should carry some weight when I tell you that chin liposuction is one of the easiest recoveries of any procedure I do. After chin lipo, I use tape and a strap on the patient, but I don’t require people to wear it for longer than 48 hours, and pain is minimal. 

What Are the Benefits of Chin Lipo?

I’m a huge proponent of chin liposuction for a lot of reasons. First, it’s an excellent procedure because people usually picture themselves having a slimmer profile afterward because they think that once the fat is removed, they’ll have a straighter neck and jawline. And this is absolutely true, but chin lipo is also great for slimming the look of the face from the front. The face appears thinner overall by removing the deposit of fat that exists where the chin blends into the neck.

When discussing chin lipo, I usually get asked about extra skin. People fear that the skin will look loose once the fat is removed. There are certainly some limitations where patients will need a neck lift after chin lipo, but usually there is much more leeway with the skin in this area than anywhere else on the body.

Understanding the Chin Liposuction Procedure

If you think of the chin and neck as a 90-degree angle, the chin as a straight horizon line, and the neck as a vertical line, draw another, separate line connecting the ends of the horizon (chin) line and the vertical (neck) line. Together with the chin and neck lines, this additional line makes a triangle and represents your skin. If you were to add the length of your chin and neck line together, it would be much greater than that of the connecting line, or the line that represents your skin. This means that the length of under your chin and your neck is actually longer than the skin that drapes it.

So, if you’ve ever noticed what looks like a little extra skin or fat in this area, it may actually be that you’re short of skin, and you just need the skin to re-adhere or re-drape the neck.

I do liposuction right where the chin swoops down and meets your neck – where your chin and neck lines meet to create the 90-degree angle. Beneath the skin in this area is where the fat sits.

Chin Lipo Scars

It isn’t unusual for patients to already have a scar on the chin from when they were a child because it’s such a typical spot that kids bump while growing up. If a scar already exists, I can reutilize it for the procedure. If not, I make a small incision, inject the fluid, insert a small cannula and conduct the procedure.

Thanks to an easy recovery, no visible scarring, excellent outcomes with zero additional risks, and since it can also be easily added to any operation, chin liposuction is easy to get behind.

Chin Lipo Recovery and Procedure

Watch the video below to learn more about the procedure and recovery process of chin liposuction:

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