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The “How to Prepare for Your BBL” series now has several parts, and I highly recommend reading through them all before starting your BBL journey. When considering the significance of preparation before a BBL, I can’t overstate the importance of making a plan and sticking to it, so if you’ve missed the first few blogs, please take a look back. 

As I’ve mentioned, there are many things to consider during the planning phase of the BBL – next on the list are massages and caregiver recruiting.


Massages are essential for the best results after a BBL.  

Whether you plan to stay at home or in a recovery house, your massages should start the day after your procedure. Massages help encourage fluid excretion, ultimately aiding in healing and the appearance of your final results. 

As mentioned, massages should begin the day after your BBL and should continue daily for the first five days. After your fifth massage, you can space them out a bit more; However, I’d like to reassert the importance of having a rolling device to use at your discretion. A roller device can be used at home between massage appointments. 

Before your procedure, I suggest scheduling your first ten massages – the first five should be every day after your surgery, and if you’re from out-of-town, the remaining five can be done once you’ve returned home. 

Recruit a Caregiver (Choose Carefully)

Despite whether you’re local or an out-of-towner, you’ll need a caregiver, and this person must understand the importance of their role. Whether you select a sibling, parent, spouse or friend, your caregiver must understand that you’ll be able to do very little for yourself for the first seven to ten days after your procedure.

Your caregiver will help see you through the most challenging part of recovery, and it’s vital that they understand what to expect, how to help and how to identify any possible issues that can emerge, as often times complications are found by active caregivers first. In fact, it might even help to have them read these blogs too.

Doctor’s Orders: If you’re considering a BBL, please begin by focusing on the parts of your health that YOU can regulate and control. By flexing this knowledge and expertise in planning, you are taking the reins of your overall health and healing before, during and after surgery. 

Dr. William Miami

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