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I always recommend massages to my patients after liposuction or a BBL because it helps in recovery and minimizes a few potential issues that can arise after surgery. 

Massages are such a critical component after liposuction and a BBL because the compression helps rid the body of fluid and decrease excessive inflammation that can lead to fibrosis.  

I recommend beginning massages the day after a BBL or lipo. While this may seem soon, especially since the body is tender and healing, massages combined with a compression garment are the best ways to ensure fluid is expressed.


After your procedure, some fluid can remain from lipo, causing a build-up in your abdomen, back and sides. By getting gentle massages beginning the day after surgery, you can help your body start draining. Incisions are left open so that fluid can be expressed through those openings during your massage. 

Riding your body of fluid also helps get rid of the dead space between your skin and muscle where the fat used to be, encouraging the skin and small amount of remaining fat to flatten. 

Inflammation and Fibrosis 

People often think of inflammation as a bad thing. While extended time spent with excessive inflammation can cause issues, inflammation, in general, is a vital part of healing and a normal bodily response after surgery. 

Massages also aid in reducing inflammation. Something called fibrosis can occur when the body is swollen for too long after surgery without proper care and massage. Fibrosis is hardening or scar tissue that develops under the skin. By promptly beginning massages after your BBL or liposuction, you are taking a crucial step in minimizing the possibility of fibrosis. 

You’ll begin your massages the day after your surgery and get one each day for the first five to seven days after your procedure. Daily massages are one of the significant reasons why I recommend patients from out of state stay local for at least a week afterward. After you’ve finished your first five massages, I’d recommend ten more, but you can wait longer than a day in between appointments. 

Massages are critical for getting the absolute best results from liposuction or a BBL. By taking the extra time to get these scheduled before your procedure, you’re taking a huge step in maximizing your results and eliminating any potentially detrimental downtime in between appointments.

Dr. William Miami

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