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It often surprises people, but despite the popularity of breast augmentation using implants, there are a few specific cases where using an implant will not give the patient their ideal results.
When most people think of breast augmentation, the first thing that comes to mind is a silicone or saline breast implant, but the truth is, not everyone is a candidate for implants or needs them at all.

Implants Needed

Two types of patients are ideal for breast augmentation using implants, the patient with no volume, and the patient who once had volume but now experiences sagging. Women who deal with drooping or sagging benefit the most from a combination of lift and implant.

Implants Not Needed

A circumvertical or mastopexy lift removes excess skin and tightens the tissue. It gives the appearance of perky, fully breasts without an implant because the patient already has volume. In this scenario, the breast could support an implant, but an implant isn’t necessary to achieve the desired results.

Not a Candidate for Implants

Implants aren’t recommended for patients with wide breasts or women with loose tissue, skin and ligaments.
In those with wide breasts, implants can’t be adequately supported because the breast has a larger width than the implant. Ultimately, the implant will fall and create more drooping.

Further, if a patient has skin that rolls away from the breast gland easily, it indicates that the tissue cannot support an implant. Another clue that an implant might not be ideal is if the breast tissue falls to the side when a woman is laying on her back – this can sometimes mean that the ligaments attaching the breast to the chest aren’t strong enough to support more weight.

In both situations, the implant will descend and bottom out — this causes the breast to drop, leaving the patient flat and empty up top, and, as the implant falls, the nipple also begins to move upward.
I recommend repositioning the nipple and reshaping the breast for women who have loose tissue or a wide shape. These alternative augmentations will provide long-lasting, ideal results for women who are unable to support an implant.

Dr. William Miami

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