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There are many misconceptions about breast implants and augmentations, but one of the most common ones I see is misinformation about implant profiles.

There are several implant options with different types of profiles. However, much of what is selected is based on what looks best and what kind of surgery is performed.

Many people believe that breast profile is how high the implants sit on your chest, but that is far from the truth. If you were to cut an implant in half and look at it from the inside, the implant’s profile would be the distance that the implant projects from the chest wall or the distance from the top of the implant to the bottom.

If we were to put implants on a ladder starting at the lowest projection and working our way up, it would look like this:

  • Low
  • Medium
  • High
  • Ultra high

As we climb the ladder, the implant’s projection becomes more pronounced. There is a place for all these in the cosmetic world, but I usually use high profile.

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Choosing the Right Implant Profiles

In 100% of my breast lift patients, I use the high profile or high projection implants. This selection is partly because I prefer the way it looks and because I’m in an area where that style is the most desired.

I frequently use a high profile with breast augmentations, but I will sometimes use a lower profile implant depending on the patient and circumstances. Overall, the high profile is used about 80% of the time.

Finally, people will automatically assume that if you like high profile implants – the highest projection for the same width as the other implants – you’ll probably really like ultra high, but that’s another misconception.

While some doctors might use an ultra high implant in cosmetic surgery, this type of implant is more frequently seen in patients that are having reconstructive surgery – like patients who have undergone a full mastectomy because of breast cancer or as a preventative for cancer. The process for patients who need full reconstruction because the entire breast has been removed differs significantly from those who just want the breast augmented.

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