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We always focus on the before and afters after having liposuction, and it is important. clearly. And I know when patients type in “liposuction near me “in their Google search they are primarily looking for liposuction before and after photos, but I think it’s also important to focus on the recovery process as it is also a very important part of the whole healing process and the final results. Let’s start off by looking at swelling after liposuction, and how the body responds to swelling. Let me explain.

One of the body’s primary reactions to injury is swelling. While the exact reason is not entirely understood, the theory is that this increase in fluid allows for an enhanced exchange of nutrients and signals between cells. No matter the underlying cause, it’s a given: our body will swell after surgical procedures.

In truth, swelling is not exclusive to liposuction so whether you are having a skinny BBL, a regular BBL or a tummy tuck you will certainly be faced with swelling after surgery . Any form of trauma to the body, even outside of medical procedures, can induce swelling. The severity of the injury often correlates with the extent of the swelling. For instance, consider a patient with burns covering 70% of their body – arguably one of the most severe injuries one can endure. In just the initial 24 hours post-injury, their body can absorb over 30 liters of fluid. That’s akin to consuming fifteen 2-liter bottles of soda without excreting any of it!

Liposuction, though a deliberate procedure, is perceived by the body as a significant trauma, leading to pronounced swelling. This reaction can be especially disconcerting for patients who expect to see immediate results, only to find themselves feeling larger and witnessing an ascending number on the scale.

The peak of swelling typically presents within the initial days post-operation. As the body continues its healing process, this swelling gradually subsides. Some patients may feel dismayed, noting that their post-operative appearance seems less favorable than immediately after surgery. To them, and to all concerned, I always emphasize patience. The human body possesses an innate wisdom. Given time, it will heal and naturally manage the excess fluid, revealing the intended results of the surgery.

Dr. William Miami

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