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While the process of lipo is similar across the board, from person to person, the areas that can successfully receive lipo with a great outcome are different. Obviously, it depends on many things, but a few of the most important factors are the amount of fat the person has and what areas are on the table for discussion. Inner thigh lipo is a topic that comes up often and patients want to know if liposuction works on the inner thighs.

A lot of people ask why I don’t do it. The truth is that I do inner thigh lipo, but it’s only on specific patients. Unfortunately, I can’t do it for every patient that asks for it.

The Truth About Inner Thigh Lipo

Bottom-line, this area is a difficult place to conduct this type of procedure, and it isn’t for everyone. In fact, liposuction on the inner thigh can cause more issues than someone might already have with the area. People often come in hoping we can achieve a thigh gap or just general thinning of the site, but because the thigh is so tricky, lipo can sometimes do more bad than good.

If you have a normal contouring of your thigh and move forward with lipo, you can end up with an irregular contour, lumps, hollowing, depressions, and other abnormalities. Even if there is enough fat, liposuction in this area can create an unnatural variation of depressions and fullness that can be difficult or impossible to fix. In these situations, inner thigh lipo doesn’t work and isn’t a solution for fat deposits in the thighs.

Are You a Candidate for Thigh Liposuction? Will Thigh Lipo Work for You?

As mentioned, only certain patients are candidates for inner thigh lipo. For me – a patient has to have a large fatty deposit in the inner thigh near the groin. A large fat deposit can be removed and smoothed without impacting the thigh’s overall shape.

I recommend that those considering inner thigh lipo do their research, talk with their surgeon, and evaluate their personal motivations. Finding a plastic surgeon who specializes in liposuction, and understands if thigh liposuction would work for you is very important. Lipo is an excellent option for people looking to eliminate fat, but please remember that the results are permanent.

Check out this video and learn more about Inner Thigh Lipo:

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