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Something which is vital to the Ogee line is an area which I call: THE KEY AREA. What is the key area? The Key area is, as I think of it, well, Key—I mean it is vital, super important, critical to the shape of the Ogee. Without liposuction in the key area the Ogee would not be the Ogee and for me a BBL would not be a BBL.

It is an area which I never used to lipo years ago before the conception of the Ogee Lipo®, but once I realized it needed to be removed it changed everything. The Key area is a triangular shaped area which is below the love handle, but above the buttock. Liposuction of this area rounds the buttock and allows the waist to smoothly transition into the buttocks. This is why I don’t have patients with ‘laterals’ because I lipo this area. 

When I do a second round BBL a lot of times the Key area has NOT been lipo’d and the buttocks have a square shape. Liposuction in the Key area rounds the  buttock and with grafting of fat to the hip the Ogee shape is realized. A very interesting feature of the key area is that it is always a triangle, but it has a different shape in every patient and this is why I do the same operation in every patient and yet everyone looks different. All the patients have the same style, but everyone looks like themselves. It is so important to keep pressure on the Key area after surgery with your faja and compression.

Dr. William Miami

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