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Before focusing on an Ogee BBL, it’s important to first explain the meaning of the ogee. It’s an architectural term that can be seen in nature, gardening and even construction. The human eye likes sweeping curves, and the evidence of that is apparent in both man-made and natural elements. 

At the most basic level, the ogee is two lines that, once connected, resemble a double curve like an S. It’s made up of two types of lines – convex and concave. What makes this line so unique and so fundamental to the Ogee BBL is that its shape is different for every single patient. Some people are taller, shorter, thinner – and though I follow the ogee line technique on each patient, every person’s line is tailored to their body.

When people consider a BBL, they usually think of how to achieve the most volume and projection in the butt. However, I think the best BBLs are created by following the ogee shape. I believe it gives each patient a look that’s most natural and beautiful. During preop or when a patient is on the operating table, I always look at the convex and concave of the body, and how I can create the best ogee line with the prettiest outcome.

The ogee line starts high in the back. Often, you see one lipo incision between the shoulder blades, but I believe it’s vital to also lipo the upper back and follow the latissimus dorsi (under the arm) and run it down the length of the body. It’s essential to start liposuction in this area because it gives you the prettiest and most blended foundation for the concave line that begins at the key area.

Rounding begins at the hip, beneath the key area. The key area is vital because it’s about finding the marriage between where liposuction meets rounding, or where your concave line connects to your convex line. You cannot produce a flawless round shape in the butt without lipoing through the waist and key area. If the key area is not lipoed, patients will end up with squareness where the waist meets the hip.

The convex line starts at the hip and projects as far as the hips will allow – as mentioned, this line is unique to everyone. Some people will have a more exaggerated convex line in the hips, and others will be a bit flatter. Then, you begin to blend that line downward. A BBL surgery is dynamic because it starts in the upper back and ends at the knee. It’s all about the silhouette of your shape.

If you were to trace a BBL patient after surgery, you would come up from the knee and see a gradual, blended convex line that reaches its max at the hip, and then you have the concavity at the key area, extending all the way up to the back.

That is the ogee line in a nutshell, and it’s always the technique that I consider to achieve the prettiest shape. Volume is always crucial to the butt, but I believe at the end of the day, the best results are created by perfecting each patient’s unique ogee line.

To see a video depicting the greatness of the ogee line, watch below:

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