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Due to the success (and dire need) of The Ogee Faja in the plastic surgery arena, we wanted to shake things up and take the compression garment game one step further.

The Ogee Faja is not your run-of-the-mill recovery compression garment, thanks to its complex features, design and Functional Fit. Its soft, breathable fabric molds, reshapes and sculpts through varying levels of compression, accentuating the body’s beautiful, natural curve while ensuring long-lasting results. It’s a compression girdle and perfect recovery garment that surpasses post-surgical and everyday shapewear requirements. 

While The Ogee Faja is the perfect companion after lipo or a BBL, The Ogee Faja w/ Bra does everything its predecessor does and more. The new Ogee Faja adds a supportive bra and sleeves, perfect for any patient who desires more post-operative coverage after any combination of surgeries, including BBL, liposuction, breast augmentation, Mommy Makeover and any other breast or body procedure.

The new bra feature hooks up the front for easy removal (you don’t have to remove the whole garment to take off the bra), protects incisions and doesn’t have uncomfortable underwear. The sleeves provide the ideal compression level after arm liposuction, and more coverage through the back offers comfort and security to even the most conscientious wearer.

Further, the addition of the surgical bra and sleeves complements augmented breasts by holding implants in place, reducing fluid retention, minimizing the risk of hematomas, decreasing inflammation and swelling, encouraging blood circulation, and shielding the incision site from infection. The Ogee Faja w/ bra and sleeves delivers durable comfort, protective support and improves surgical results.

The Ogee Faja with bra is the next step in The Ogee Faja evolution, and we hope you’ll love it as much as we do.

Find yours at: ogeerecovery.com 

Dr. William Miami

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