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All of my liposuction is Ogee Lipo®. It produces the most consistent, reliable results in the safest way possible. I have practiced long enough to see an evolution of new liposuction techniques that all try to offer better results with no incisions, no scars, no pain and no downtime. I have seen techniques that blast water, freeze the fat, apply lasers, vibrate and even ones that promise to be smarter. In my opinion, these techniques are based more on marketing results than on real patient results. I don’t use any liposuction method that uses any heat, or thermal energy, because I believe over heating the deep dermis, and superficial fat produces more scarring and more fibrosis than Ogee lipo®. It is for this reason I don’t use VASER, Ultrasound, J-Plasma or Smartlipo techniques.

“Lipo…it’s not the same without the Ogee”.


Dr. William Miami

Author Dr. William Miami

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