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A common question that I get in the comments and the DMS is that people ask me “Why can’t you just Lipo out the internal fat just like I can do the external fat?”

The internal fat is inside your body mixed with all of your organs, and the external fat is just a solid layer of fat beneath the skin that I can remove.

Internal fat is mixed in with your organ so it would be impossible to go in with liposuction and remove these bits of fat because you would destroy the organs.

Patients with a lot of internal fat would have lost weight before surgery. As opposed to, less internal fat or someone who would be a good candidate for surgery because they really don’t have much fat inside their body.

The nice thing is, is that if we put this person on a diet and they lost weight, then these fatty deposits would shrink and the fat inside the organ would shrink. And as that internal fat shrinks, the shape in the abdomen gets flatter and then it would become a good candidate for liposuction because we’d be removing the external fat.

High internal fat. Not a good candidate for liposuction, can’t go in and remove it because you would tear all of this meat apart if you did liposuction.

Less internal fat and leaner. Has a flatter stomach to begin with, and then I just take the external fat.

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