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It’s breastaugust! And if there is anything I know, it’s that a breast augmentation can change a patient’s life for the better – offering a woman elevated self-esteem and confidence that she’s maybe never had before. However, if you or someone you know is considering breast implants or augmentation, you should know a few things before going under the knife.

  1. Silicone is always better than saline.
  2. Sometimes implant placement is better underneath the gland.
  3. We don’t use teardrop or textured implants anymore.
  4. Your friend’s implant size is not necessarily your size.
  5. You can usually go back to your routine after four days.

Silicone is King

You could probably figure it out by the difference in price tag, but silicone implants are superior to saline for a few reasons.

First, they look and feel different. A silicone implant will look and feel closer to a natural breast, even in the way the implant will hang and its curvature. In comparison, a saline implant is firmer and rounder. Also, silicone implants have more variation, as they come in many different shapes and sizes.

You Don’t Always Need to Place Under the Muscle

While there are pros and cons to both of these implant placement locations, one is not superior to the other, and placement should be determined based on the patient.

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Going over the muscle generally is less painful, has a quicker recovery time and allows for possibly breastfeeding in the future. Sometimes this makes all the difference when a patient is deciding.

Gone Are the Days

Gone are the days of teardrop or textured breast implants. These types of implants have seen some controversy, and they can flip, give an unnatural shape when lying down, rotate, leak, wrinkle and more. They’ve also been linked to BIA-ALCL (breast implant-associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma) – a cancer of the immune system.

Breast Augmentations Should Be Unique 

Breast implants are not one size fits all. As you know, in my opinion, it’s all about the shape, and creating the prettiest breasts for each patient depends on their body and its unique composition. We want every breast augmentation to look beautiful, natural and to accentuate your body and its curves – that means that your implants will be different than any other person you know who has them.

Quick Recovery 

While every woman is a little different, patients who have breast augmentations generally quickly recover. You aren’t entirely healed from this type of surgery for several weeks, but most women feel they can get back to most of their usual activities between 4 and 7 days. However, it would be best to refrain from extreme exercise, heavy lifting and putting your arms above your head for at least several weeks.

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