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Skinny BBLs have become main stream in 2021. When Dr William first started performing Brazilian Butt Lifts, over 10 years ago, it was thought those patients who had a lot of fat were the only good candidates for a BBL. However, times have changed! Thin is in.

Now Dr William performs a lot of BBLs in Miami on thin patients—’Skinny BBL’s. A Skinny BBL is the same as a regular BBL, but it is performed in thin women who have just enough fat to get more volume in their buttocks allowing for more projection along with fuller hips, and a beautiful Ogee Line. ALL of the fat removed during the Ogee lipo® part of the operation is grafted (injected) to the buttocks during a Skinny BBL and that’s the main difference.

However, a lot of thin patients are concerned they may not be able to get hips with their BBL. The truth is almost all patients, even if they are thin, are able get hips with a BBL. Hips are a vital, critically important part of the Ogee line—hips are the convex curve of the OGEE line, and balance with the upper concave line that scoops the waist. But, not everyone can get a large, voluptuous hip and this is a common problem for thinner patients. However, and this is important to understand: everyone, including skinny patients, can get their ‘hip dips’ filled in! So while you may not be able to get a voluptuous hip, virtually every patient can get their hip dips filled and this is great news indeed as filling in the hip dips is a game changer! “For patients with ‘low soil’ I am not always able to fill out the hip, but I can always fill in the ‘hip dips’ because the ‘hip dips’ are more in the central part of the buttock and that is always filled with ‘good soil’’ said Dr William. So if you are skinny and want your hip dips filled in then perhaps a BBL is right for you.

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