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Behind The Mask, The Podcast is now available on YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Podcast! 

I have a podcast! Just like you read it, Behind the Mask is now also a Podcast! Available on YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Podcast. With the help of my team, I’ve kicked off another endeavor to keep you all updated on the latest in plastic surgery, debunk myths and misconceptions, and make sure every patient who gets wheeled into surgery is educated and aware. 

If you have tuned in to any of my social media channels, you probably understand that education is really important to me. If you’ve decided to undergo an elective surgery like a BBL, tummy tuck, or liposuction, there shouldn’t be any gray area about what to expect or how you might feel before, during or after. 

That’s why I’m excited to announce the new Behind the Mask Podcast!  As mentioned, this new venture is an honest, open-discussion-based podcast geared at breaking down the stigmas and sharing comprehensive and relevant knowledge that will be informational to both the plastic surgery naïve and enthusiast.  

Dr. William Miami and Gabby Allen

My host is the lovely south Florida native, Gabby Allen, the in-area host for the Florida Panthers ice hockey team, and together with some exceptional featured guests, we have loads of great content in store for you this season. 

The first episode, Behind the Mask Podcast Episode 1: From Engineering to Medicine – is my 411 podcast. It covers things like how and why I got into plastic surgery, what I bring into every operating room, the goals I have for every patient, and much more. I hope you enjoy this getting-to-know-you session. 

Join us on YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Podcast for the premiere episode, and keep an eye out every week for new episodes! 

I’m looking forward to sharing this with you and expanding on dozens of complex topics you want to know about that deserve comprehensive explanations. 

Dr. William Miami

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