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I love breast implants. Breast augmentation patients are the most satisfied of all plastic surgery patients. A breast augmentation restores breast volume, gives the breast a nice round, perky shape with beautiful cleavage, fullness in the upper part of the breast and breast volume they never had. Patients who undergo a breast augmentation not only look better, but they feel better; they feel more confident about themselves, can wear the types of clothes they want, and they look good wearing them. I have performed many, many breast augmentations over the years, and continue to do so performing the operation nearly everyday. ⁠

So why am I obsessed with removing them? Because not everyone is a candidate for a breast implant, and there are many women who have received breast implants who were never good candidates from the start, and unfortunately their breasts do not look good, and more importantly, they do not like their breasts. Wait! How is this possible? The reason is simple. Breast implants are for patients with small, narrow breasts—for these patients breast implants are wonderful, a Godsend. However, not everyone has narrow breasts. ⁠

Those patients with wide breasts will not receive the same benefits of a breast augmentation, and the implants will fall to the side, sink to the bottom of the breast and make the breast heavy and look droopy with a boxy shape. So for for these patients I am obsessed with removing the implants, because removing the implant and performing a lift will give them a better shape then they ever had with an implant. This makes the patient very happy and very grateful and has lead to my obsession.⁠ So where does the rupturing part come in? For patients who have saline implants I will rupture the implants about a month before removing them which gives the skin and the breast tissue a chance to contract and relax and sometimes that will prevent me from having to do a lift.

Dr. William Miami

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