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Dr. Rohrich and his colleagues conducted a fascinating study that revealed an intriguing fact: almost everyone has a slightly off-center belly button. When it comes to a tummy tuck procedure, it’s important to understand that we can’t relocate the belly button to the center. Instead, what we can do is create a new opening in the skin and bring the belly button out through this new opening. However, the belly button essentially remains in the same position as it was before the surgery.

That said, there is a possibility to make minor adjustments to the belly button’s location if it has been shifted due to excessive pressure during the procedure. This typically occurs when the new opening doesn’t align precisely with the original location of the belly button. However, it’s important to note that such shifted belly buttons often have a distinctive appearance. It’s somewhat challenging to describe, but when you examine the belly button, you can see it being pulled in one direction or another. This is the only way your belly button might appear to have ‘moved’ after a tummy tuck. In reality, the belly button remains in the same spot, but it appears to have shifted due to the placement of the skin opening, which can deviate from the original location.

For most people, the placement of their belly button isn’t something they typically scrutinize or prioritize. We’ve grown accustomed to its natural location, and it rarely crosses our minds. However, following a tummy tuck, many individuals tend to notice the new position of their belly button and may wonder why it’s not perfectly centered.

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