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While plastic surgery is a booming industry that keeps evolving to keep up with our standards of beauty, many of the products used during recovery remain unchanged. That’s why I’m so excited to release the long awaited “The Ogee Faja” to the public this week.  

Hosted at one of the most exclusive venues in South Beach, The Temple House, in the company of local media, The Ogee Faja will be the star of the show at the launch party on Thursday, May 12. 

Catalina Mora (Tv Host Telemundo) will be the host-presenter of the night. Influential macro-influencers from as far away as New Zealand will be in attendance, and other celebrities like comedian Rich Aronovitch and singer Roxy Nodarse, who launch the catchy track “Her Ogee,” will also be present. 

The Evolution of the Faja

Many years ago, I realized that traditional compression garments, or fajas, were falling flat in supporting the work happening behind operating room doors. Based on first-hand experience, I understood that surgeries that patients invested so much time and money in, like the Brazilian Butt Lift, Liposuction and Tummy Tucks, deserved a more custom, capable faja. So, I set out to create one.  

It took nearly two years, but with the help of the best shapewear factory in Colombia, Shaper Lynn, we created The Ogee Faja — a first-of-its-kind compression garment designed by a plastic surgeon. 

Unlike the basic, static fajas of the past, The Ogee Faja offers more compression in areas that receive liposuction and less where new, delicate fat is grafted. 

Functional Fit

Through its functional fit and multi-level compression, The Ogee Faja continues comfortably sculpting a patient’s body long after any procedure, shaping and preserving better, long-lasting results post-surgery while simultaneously allowing freer, more unrestricted movement. 

This Thursday, The Ogee Faja will make its public debut, revolutionizing and reshaping the recovery garment arena and forcing run-of-the-mill shapewear designers to level up and evolve – something that should have happened years ago.

After May 12, experienced and prospective plastic surgery patients can get their hands on theirs while supplies last at 305 Plastic Surgery, and online at www.ogeerecovery.com. Also, beginning Monday, May 16, The Ogee Faja will also be available on Amazon.

I can’t wait for you to experience your perfect fit in a faja that was made just for you!

Dr. William Miami

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