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Besides an incredible boost in self-esteem and body positivity, part of what makes breast surgery such a desirable plastic surgery procedure is that recovery is relatively quick.

While every woman is different, patients can usually get back to work within four days and are feeling mostly like themselves within the first week. However, a full recovery generally takes six to eight weeks.

A patient will feel sore, fatigued, sensitive, tight and sometimes even pain or discomfort within the first 24-48 hours post-procedure, but some medication will be prescribed to help with extreme discomfort. Also, I encourage patients to take over-the-counter medications such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen as needed. It’s during your first two weeks that you’ll also want to be wearing your post-surgical bra. A post-surgical bra helps to support your breasts during recovery, and it’s recommended to continue wearing it for the first two weeks 24 hours a day.

**Tip: I highly recommend the Ogee Recovery EZBra, which can be found on ogeerecovery.com. The EZBra doesn’t just provide support, but also autonomy for patients because its enclosure in the front makes it easy to put on and remove. It is also disposable, latex free and completely sterile.

Swelling and bruising may develop within the first 48 hours and proceed through the first five to seven days. During the first week, you’ll want to refrain from strenuous activity or lifting your arms up too high, as that may cause pain or bleeding.

Within the first week to two (as tolerated), you’ll want to begin scar treatment and gentle massage to help with sensitivity, fibrosis and sensation. Spend several minutes massaging silicone-based gel into the scar in a circular motion making sure the incision is totally covered.

**Tip: Another highly recommended product during recovery is the Ogee Scar Cream. Its active ingredients and vibrating capability make for an exceptional post-surgical massage and scar treatment technique. 

By week three to four, you should be feeling little to no pain, swelling and bruising should have mostly subsided and you may begin some regular, light exercise. Keep in mind, you’ll need to continue to refrain from anything strenuous.

Weeks four through eight, patients are usually back to normal, regular activity. The breasts have settled, and should be looking and feeling natural – like they’ve always been there. You’ll also have a post-surgical appointment around this time to make sure recovery is going well, and you’re happy with your results.

Dr. William Miami

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