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It's All About The Shape

Meet Dr. William | Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

About Dr.William

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in South Florida

Dr. William is an American plastic surgeon who is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Dr. William completed seven years of general surgical training in Michigan following his undergraduate and medical school training in Canada, and then completed a three year residency in plastic surgery at the prestigious Duke University. Dr. William has lived and worked in the United States for over twenty years, and lives in South Florida with his wife and three sons.

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Welcome to the new gold standard in faja fit – The Ogee Faja, featuring functional fit technology created by a board-certified plastic surgeon. Thoughtfully designed to complement the work performed in the operating room.

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“The most important development in my career has been Ogee Lipo®.”

Behind the Mask - The Podcast

Behind the Mask is now also a Podcast! Available on YouTubeSpotify, and Apple Podcast. Dr. William kicked off another endeavor to keep you all updated on the latest in plastic surgery, debunk myths and misconceptions, and make sure every patient who gets wheeled into surgery is educated and aware.
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The best doctor. I had breast augmentation and they look so real and natural. Would recommend him to everyone who's looking for an amazing service. He’s very passionate about what he does and I loved it.

Maria, MiamiPatient

The first time I met him, he made me feel comfortable. Greatest Dr., very professional. I’m a different person because of him. He is the best! Thank you and your team. Everyone was very nice to me. Again thank you!!!

Heidy, MiamiPatient

"The best he is amazing!!! He did such a great job I love the way I see my self in the mirror!!! He tells you exactly what you need in order to look your best, he is really honest I like that ... He is an artist !!!!

Leidy, HoustonPatient

My experience was amazing with Dr. William. He explained me a lot of things about muy procedure on my evaluation day. He did a really good job. My procedure was a liposuction 12 areas and breast augmentation. I recommend him 100%

Sarah, NebraskaPatient

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